Standards-EnvironmentISO14001MS VDG Services is dedicated and believes in its responsibilities in protecting the environment, through the development of an environmental management system.

We have developed policies, codes of practice, guidelines which meet international standards and comply with the current legislation. All with an aim to provide environmentally friendly service through continuous improvement.

All workers receive training and regular updates on environmental procedures, in fact we proudly take the input from our staff and clients in designing and developing the right solutions. We strongly implement training material devoted to recycling and sustainability.

We use only environmentally friendly products and services:

  • Microfiber cleaning cloths – long lasting efficient
  • Chemical free cleaning products and machinery
  • Water efficient Scrub Machines
  • Biodegradable products
  • Low amp electrical machines/which use less energy
  • Gas powers out door machinery reducing co2 emissions

Our clients depend on us to keep their facilities clean, presentable and secure every day. As their valued partner, our focus is to keep all our promises whilst delivering the most efficient and effective integrated solutions.

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